‘A forgotten empire’, Hampi: porous and haunted!

What’s a thought?

A truth that crosses your mind when your heart is pure and ingenuous. A stream of thoughts passed through my mind on my much -awaited 3-day trip to the village of Hampi, in Karnataka. I realised a couple of things profusely that will always be closer to my heart. 

Every single step that we took made me visualise the past and appreciate the simple and better ways of living that we have seemed to lost in the cacophony of our lives. My companies were equally enthusiastic and even more engaged with the nature surrounding us in the village.

It’s said that the type of people you meet while travelling either makes you bitter or bittersweet. But our stay in the quaint little Goan Corner   made us look forward to more such beautiful experiences because we had a mix of feelings, starting with encountering awkward strangers and ending up meeting lovely people like the owners and staff at Goan Corner, making us believe that ‘everything is possible’. The stay added to the charm of enjoying the rugged beauty of Hampi.

Although our journey was brief, it seemed we lived a life in Hampi. The curves and creeks of the rocky mountains indicate we’re full of faults too. But the strength of the rocks, leaning on each other, tells me we all can be strong even without a strong foundation. We just need to look around sometimes!

When you visit Hampi, you must experience the river Tungabhadra. Every historical attributes in Hampi is a testament to the kind of lives the kings and Queens have had earlier – it’s vast.

History is flowing in every corner in the village of Hampi, and when you start poring over the details of every sculptures or inscriptions or stucco figures or whatever the great hands had created, you’ll be more and more absorbed in the serenity.

The sunset view from the tip of Hemakoota hill was spell-binding. We sat on top of the hill, listening to unusual sounds of birds and the wind. The entire experience has enticed and gripped our minds.

We three girls (my two companies) had the time of our lives. We want to visit the place once again, either alone or together, and make sure we experience the same things over and over again. For sure, Goan Corner is on our list. Where else you can find a place that doesn’t remind you of your home or anything that’s eating your brain.

So you see, thought is something that arises when your intentions are pure – just how the architectural masterpieces were created by some unknown, yet great hands of the lost times. I wonder if their successors still exist in the village. If so, are they aware of what their ancestors have left behind? Maybe not a land or two for them but memories and history.

I didn’t mention about all the places to visit in Hampi or how to reach Hampi – that’s for you to find out. No one told me! And I didn’t mention anything about the gods and goddesses that were worshipped by the rulers and people of the then dynasty because I’m not a firm believer in any idols. What inspired me to write this article is the extravagant lives and rich history that our human lives had created together, which were lost with time but recovered to reclaim the lost glory. That’s more meaningful!

To Hampi-

from a woman who recently visited Hampi and never thought could be so much in love with rocks and monuments and history.